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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Keeping Up....and Keeping Busy

Man, it seems like the days just fly by...and before we know it, it's been several days since we've posted here. Annette and I have both been really busy with family stuff. I'll let her fill you in on all of her fun activities if she wants :) Maybe that will get her to make a post here :P

I spent tonight as my last night as a high school football mom. I was SO SAD as my son's last game came to an end. His team lost a heart breaker game, which kept them out of the state that made it even more sad on our end. I could hardly maintain my emotions..and then when he walked over after the game and gave me a big hug...I just lost it. Even though I freeze to death much of the time, it has been such a fun part of the past 9 years for us (he started in little league at 8). Oh goes on, kids grow up...and we find new things to fill our time with. *sob*

Are any of you doing any fun activities for Halloween? We're having a big party here Friday night...lots of fun "scary" foods that my grandkids get excited about. We make witch fingers , monster eyeballs :), and monster guts soup in bread bowls shaped like pumpkins *snicker* I's kinda mean). Unfortunately, this year my GROWN kids are forcing me to go to "trunk or treat" with them and the grandkids......that's BLASPHEMY to me. I think that whole Trunk or Treat thing has ruined Halloween...but then again, I'm kinda old and I don't like fun things like that to change. I love having the cute little kids knock at my door. I used to have over 100 kids ring our bell (I live the middle of nowhere...ask Annette) Last year we had 8 kids...stupid Trunk or Treat :P Hey...does anyone want to know how I really feel? :P In spite of it...we're going to have some fun and we hope you do too!

Anyway, take lots of pics of your activities and get them scrapped. Just as a reminder, for those of you who got the free template, I'd LOVE to have you send me an image of your projects, or just send a link to where you have it posted so that I can put it in a slide show. We'll announce a winner from the previous post in a couple of you still have time to leave a comment and enter!


Earlene in MO said...

Good morning gals

Good to see you post again and I know you are busy with family and Ettes & Company.

We don't go all out at our home for Halloween never did, we do fix treats for kids that may come but our kids never dressed up for halloween they never did want to.

I live on a lake in the rural area and last year I fixed up about 40 treats and not one came by. This year I fixed up 20 treat bags and I get candy that my hubby likes so if noone shows up he can have lots of treats.:)

My daughter dresses up thier 3 boys each year and they just go in thier neighborhood and wear thier costumes at the school.

This year the oldest boy wanted to be a skittles bag so she got the material and created his costume which sounds really cute. Said she spent as much on his costume as she did at the costume store for the middle boys red ninja costume. The youngest one is 3 and he is going to be a cowboy complete with guns. She always takes photos for me so I will have some photos to scrapbook.

Your fun night and the scarey kinds of food you described seems like it will be fun and I would be curious to know what each food offering is.

Kris Mazy Fullmer said...

Every year, my we come up with "theme" costumes. Last year they were Little Bo Peep and the lost sheep. This year, we have a hole crew of Pirates. I used a TON of different scrappy products to make them too - I took old shirts from GoodWill and "altered them" with walnut ink and eyelets and leather. I did a digital page for my mom's calendar with a photo when the boys were trying on their costumes -

Every year our town business put together a "tailgate" party for the kids. It is safe trick-or-treating and all in one general area.

Mary said...

I know just how you feel! I was a colorguard aunt-mom for years and got to see the last of my girls graduate last year. I miss band competitions on crisp autumn afternoons, but not nearly as much as I miss the kids. Now they are at college or married and having babies.-sniff-
I love the digi templates, but I still have not crossed over and am clueless when it comes to using them. My Adobe Elements is here somewhere on my hard drive collecting dust because I do not have it figured out yet. I wish you all the best!