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Friday, January 30, 2009

Have you heard of TDS?

I don't usually post twice in a day, but this was worth sharing! Our "Thankful Heart" Click Pages are being featured in an online Digi Scrapbooking Newspaper called The Daily Scrapper (TDS). Yes, we're a bit excited! You can see the article here:

The Daily Scrapper Product Highlight

We hope you'll go check out the article and the rest of the paper. It has some great info in it!

And, to make it even more interesting, we're offering some great discounts in connection with this article . So, go check out The Daily Scrapper...find the codes on the page with our products featured, and then if you feel like shopping, come back to our shop. You can use the codes and save some money!

Did Someone Ask About Paper Products?

Many of you have asked if we're going to produce any paper products. Well, the answer is "YES & NO" :) We're not planning to release a paper product line from The Ettes & Company, but we've done some freelance design work for other companies in the industry. The samples above show some projects that we designed for a little company called Stamping Station.

Here's a link that will show you several of Annette's kits, and a couple of mine:

Annette designed the Baby Blessing, Baptism Boy, Baptism Girl, Missionary Kit and Wedding Kit. My kits that are shown are the Christmas Scrapbook Kit and the Custom School Senior Albums (both of these have customizeable sticker sheets, meaning that you can put the titles of your choice on the sticker sheet.)

The travel set is also "customizeable", (you can put the destination titles of your choice on the sticker sheet). I don't believe the sticker is online yet, but you can see the papers here:

Here are a couple of other links where you can see a line of stickers that Annette and I designed for them.

The Family History Kit isn't online yet, but it's one of my favorites that I've done for them, so I thought I'd show it to you anyway :)

So, you can see that we haven't given up on paper products...we're just not putting out our own line right now :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How about some FrEeBiES?

We thought it was time to give a little something away again here ya go! You'll need to log into the shop, add the freebies of your choice to your cart...and they're yours! Of course, we never mind if you throw in a couple of other things while you're there!

Enjoy! Be sure to tell your friends so that they can grab the freebies too!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some Info about MMS

*Edited to Add 01/28 -- MMS just announced a limited time offer. Purchase the software and get a FREE softbound 6" x 6" 26-page Photobook!

We've added a great section to our FAQ Page on our website sharing info and answering some questions about the My Memories Suite software. We hope you'll go check it out. If you have any other questions that we haven't covered there, feel free to let us know. We can easily add to it so that everyone can access the information!

If you're sitting on the fence, just thinking about buying the software...let us help :)

I thought this was a GREAT graphic...showing all of the fantastic things that you can do with MMS! Remember that you still have a few days left to use the promo code: ettes to save 30% off of the software. You'll have to go right to the MMS Website to use it. Like I mentioned before, if you click the "buy it now" button on the website or on the side of our blog, it takes you through a different link that offers a 25% discount (still a great deal, but hey, we all want to save that extra 5%.)

If you've tried the software, let us know what you think of it! We hope to start seeing some beautiful projects that you've created with MMS uploaded to our Gallery! If you're using some other graphics program, that's okay too...upload your projects to the gallery. We have some beautiful things uploaded so far. It grows a bit each day, so be sure to check it out!

We'll be announcing a new opportunity to win in the next day or keep checking back!

Friday, January 23, 2009

We're GiViNG away the GoODieS!

We used to help us select the software winners. And the winners are . . .

*~*~*~*~*~*drumroll please*~*~*~*~*~*

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MELISSA O<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SARA GIOINO<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


CONGRATULATIONS to our WINNERS!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! Please email me at with your mailing address so that we can get your software sent to you!

We hope that those of you who didn't win this time will go to the MMS website and purchase the software. You'll honestly LOVE it! You'll notice that I changed the graphic on the side of the blog with the BUY IT NOW link. We had to remove our promo code from the link because of some technical IT/marketing stuff :)

The promo code "ettes" will still work, but you need to go directly to the MMS website to use it. If you click on the graphic on the side of our blog, it takes you to another promotion that doesn't have a space to put the promo code. So, if you want to use the promo code, just go here: :)

Thanks again for participating. We'll be having another contest soon that involves The Ettes & Company Gallery. So, here's a heads're going to want to have some layouts or other projects to share!

Today is the DaY!

We'll be drawing the names of the winners of the My Memories Suite software at noon today (Utah Time), so if you haven't checked out the videos on the MMS site and left your comment on the post titled "Our Big Announcement -- and a Give-Away", you have just under three hours to do it!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New ways to use MMS & More!

One of our talented friends just posted the coolest bag on her blog. You can change out the card in the bag's window to show off your creativity and loved ones. She designed her cards using the My Memories Suite software--they're darling! Of course, we love the fact that she used our designs available through MMS! Here's a sneak peek of the bag.

Here's a closer look at a couple of the cards that she created with MMS.

And, to top it off....she's giving away a darling mini red tote. Go visit her blog and leave a comment after her post about the bag and you could win!.

And hey, since we're talking about entering drawings...don't forget to go check out the videos on the MMS site and come back and comment on our post titled "Our Big Announcement" to get entered in the drawing to win free MMS software!

One last bit of nagging (hey, I want to get it all in one post today!) sure to go visit The Ettes & Company Gallery, register and start sharing your layouts using our new designs. There are some really beautiful projects there...but we want more!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some more BiG News!

It's been a bit of a wait, but The Gallery is now LIVE on our website!

In connection with our gallery, we've decided that it's time for us to delegate a bit and find some wonderful digi scrappers to help us on a regular we're announcing the first Creative Team Call for The Ettes & Company! (Click the image for details)

We're anxious to put this team together and see what fantastic projects you come up with. If you have any questions about the CT, feel free to add a comment to this post and we'll do our best to answer your questions!

If you don't feel like you have the time to commit to a CT, but still love creating layouts...we'd LOVE it if you would share them with us! Please register in the gallery and upload and share your projects using designs from The Ettes & Company. Please read through the FAQ page before uploading images...we have a couple of rules that you need to be aware of. The main thing is that we want this gallery to focus on our NEW that's what you need to use to create your projects. If you have any questions or problems, check the FAQ page first. If you don't find your answers there, then feel free to post any questions or comments here.

We can't wait to see what you have to share with us!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Getting the WoRd OuT!

We're busy trying to spread the word about The Ettes & Company. You can check us out on DigiShopTalk both in the product gallery and the forums! You can also find us on Facebook -- be sure to join as a fan there! Annette and I both have personal pages as well as a blog page, so look us up and add us as friends! If you help us spread the word, be sure to post a link in the comments here, whether it's with a blinkie or a forum post, on Facebook, etc.

Remember to go check out the videos on the My Memories Suite website and enter in the drawing (in the previous post) for the free MMS Software!

Be sure to check back tomorrow...we're going to be making an announcement that will interest many of you.

Ok...back to designing. I think I have something "cooking" for MMS :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Our BIG Announcement -- and a GIVE-AWAY!

Click to expand the image so that you can read all of the "fine print" about our announcement...then come back here and read on for more details!

We hope you'll go take a look at the software on the My Memories Suite website. They have several short videos on their homepage that explain about the software.

Take time to watch the video and explore their website, and then come back here and leave us a comment. Tell us what you think about the software, what your favorite features are, or what themes you'd like to see us design. When you leave a comment to this post, you'll be entered into a drawing.

What are we giving away, you ask? We have THREE COPIES OF THE MY MEMORIES SUITE SOFTWARE to give away! This is one drawing that you definitely want to enter! So go to their website and then come back and leave a comment about what you thought. We'll draw our winners next Friday, so you have one week to check out their website!

You'll recognize our designs on the MMS site -- you've seen them on our website. We will continue to sell our designs on in jpg and png format. Those that you purchase from MMS will be compatible with the MMS software. We are constantly designing new product, so you'll see updates on both websites regularly.

If you decide to purchase the software (and we highly encourage you to do that), be sure to use the PROMO CODE: ettes -- This will give you a 30% discount off of the retail price of the software (not design shop products)! The promo code will be valid for one month. Don't miss out on the savings!

We hope you'll agree that this announcement was worth the wait. We're VERY excited about this partnership!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A CLoSeR LoOK at the CoUpON BoOK

I had several people contact me today asking for a look at the inside of the coupon book. Hey, I'm so nice that along with the individual images, I wrote some simple instructions for you. So...go to our shop, buy the coupon book download and create one of these fun little projects for everyone that you love. If you need some darling gift tags and cards, then be sure to select the combo pack -- it will save you a little money :) Just click on the image below to download the instructions.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More new GoOdiEs!

Annette and I spent the last couple of days designing some Valentine products -- tags, cards, bag toppers and love coupons. I think we have something for everyone that you love :) And hey, they're cheap. So go check them out!

We even printed several things out and created some hybrid projects with them...LOTS of fun (I'm hoping my hubby doesn't look and the images while he's uploading them, coz I made a coupon book for about being ready for Valentine's Day early!)

We're selling each item seperately, but we're also offering them in combo packs by if you like both designs of either style (or both designs of both styles :) sure to select the combo packs and save a little bit of money!

Here are the images of the combo packs that you'll find in the shopping cart:

I'm excited to see what you do with these designs. I know there are lots of you that think outside the box! Let us know what you think...and please tell us if there are any other projects like these that you'd like to see!

Monday, January 12, 2009

You're going to LOOOOOOOVE . . .

. . . our newest Dig-Ette-al Collection, "Loveable You". Annette designed this Collection -- she used a beautiful combination of colors, textures, and of course, lots of sparkles! You can also buy the Paper Pack-Ette and Embellishment Kit separately. She also created a set of "Click" Pages that are just TOO CUTE! Here's a sample of one of the "Click" Pages:

Be sure to visit our website and check out all of the new goodies!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Google Search

Ok, so maybe this is a little too "computer nerdy", but I did a search on google this morning on "the Ettes"....and we've FINALLY made it into the first page of search results :) That's GREAT news for us. I think when I first did this, we were on like page 11 :) This made my IT guy hubby VERY means that we're getting lots more links to our website on your blogs & other online sites :)

Btw...we didn't have a clue there was a band called "the Ettes"...but I'll bet their actual names don't end in "Ette" I guess we'll claim the title to being the "real Ettes" :)

So, thanks for all you've done...and keep adding those blinkies and linking to our site. It's working!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Calendar Cover

Here's a calendar cover I made for my parents and all my brothers and sisters using the "Simply Joy" Dig-ETTE-al Collection. It went together quick and easy and everyone loved them! Now that Christmas is over I'm ready for some SUN! But February is approaching so that's good. We may have some goodies coming up for the ones you "love" in your life! Keep posted!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

That's What Friends Are For!

We've added our "That's What Friends Are For" Collection to our Dig-ETTE-al kits in the shopping cart. This one will be very familiar to those of you who downloaded our freebies in December! We're also offering the Paper Pack-Ette (including the textured cardstock) and the Embellishment Kit separately. There is a LOT of stuff in this kit, so if you didn't get it while it was free, don't feel too bad. It's definitely worth the price :)

Here's another sample of what I did with this kit. You'll recognize the left side of this layout as part of the freebies that you received!

This layout is also available in our That's What Friends Are For "Click" Pages.

We've had a serious "time" problem this week--lots of time spent enjoying the grandkids! So, we're a bit slower with the gallery than we originally thought we would be. Keep making layouts's not far away and we'd love to have you help us fill it up with your layouts!

We haven't forgotten about the "big announcement" either. (I know, you probably think we have :) We're just making sure that all of our ducks are in a row before we post about it *ahem* Ok, so we've been posting about it for weeks, but we haven't given you all of the details yet. Like the gallery, this one isn't too far away! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New "Click" Pages . . .

are in the shopping cart! The newest themes are:

Baby Boy (see sample in previous post)
Baby Girl
My ABC Book
That's What Friends are For (see sample in previous post)

The themes are shown in alphabetical order in the shopping cart, so you'll have to scroll a bit to find some of the new items. We'll be adding more new goodies in the next day or two, so be sure to stop by!

We also added a new set of Monograms to the shopping cart. "Friendly Coral" Monograms coordinate with the "That's What Friends are For" Collection (which will be added soon). You didn't get enough goodies with the freebies, did ya? I'm sure you need at least one more set of coordinating monograms :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This week . . .

. . .we will be adding several new goodies to The Ettes & Company shopping cart. Here's a little sneak peek.

As you can see, I've been VERY busy using the goodies from our "That's What Friends Are For" Collection. Don't panic, if you didn't get to download all of the freebies, they'll be in the shopping cart, along with a set of "Click" Pages. I've also created a HUGE "Click" Page ABC Book using this same collection. I'm going to have to make one for each of my grandkids!

And, just to give equal time to Annette's cute little grandson, here's a peek at something that she's adding to the shopping cart this week.

Little Skylan has such beautiful eyes (and I won't make any comments here about how cute my grandkids are *snicker* :) You should start seeing these items show up in the shopping cart later tonight and tomorrow...make sure you stop by! :) I'll post again here on the blog when they're accessible!

Just as a reminder, the gallery should be ready in a few days (if I stop asking my poor IT hubby to work more miracles). So, we hope you're creating layouts to share with us there. I'll post a call for layouts here with some simple rules when the gallery goes live. It won't be too long :)

And no...we haven't forgotten about our "big announcement". It will be coming before too long. Thanks for being patient!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy NeW YeAR!

We hope you all had a fun and safe New Year's celebration. Kees and I had a nice, quiet one here with our kids, grandkids, my Dad and several of my son's friends. it wasn't so quiet, but it was still fun :) Hey...if you get a chance to get the game "Last Word"...give it a try. We had a blast playing it last night. We also enjoyed watching "Ghost Town"..... ya gotta love that dry British humor!

Anyway, we just wanted to thank you for your support through the years, and let you know that we wish only the best for each of you during the coming year.

We hope to share our "big announcement" by the end of next week. We'll keep you posted. We'll also be adding a few new things to our shopping cart and launching our gallery in the next week, so be sure to go check it out!