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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Anyone interested in a FReEBiE?

We've decided to do our freebies a little bit different this year. Rather than offering a monthly desktop calendar, we're going to offer freebies to our newsletter suscribers and blog followers to help you with your digi scrapping!

We'll be sharing our first freebie tomorrow morning (Utah Time)....with all of our newsletter subscribers. So, if you haven't subscribed yet, you need to!

So...what are you waiting for? Subscribe now! (btw...I said that in the nicest tone of voice I could find! :)

There's still time to SaVe!!

There are still lots of bargains available on our designs...time to stock up and save! Memory Mixer has their entire shop on sale until Jan. the image below to head over and check out our designs at Memory Mixer!
Our BIG sale is still in full swing at Pickleberrypop. Click the image below to visit our shop and save on all of our designs!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. It was fantastic here....lots of time with the grandkids and kids, loads of good food and treats, and of course, some serious ping pong playing! Lol...Santa was very good to this designer, and brought me just what I wanted - a ping pong table! I hope that the nightly ping pong tournaments don't cut into my design time too much! Hmmmm....I guess I could say I'm doing research for a new digi kit :P

Monday, December 20, 2010

'Tis the Season to SAVE!

The graphic says it's time to SAVE some money on our designs in our shop at Pickleberrypop!...and if you subscribe to our newsletter, you got another little surprise!

Ho Ho Ho, MeRrY ChRisTmaS from The Ettes!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

More NeW GoODiES in the PBP Shop!

We've added some more of our favorites to our shop at PBP! I'm adding "The Countdown" Dig-Ette-al Kit this week. For those of you who bought it on our website (as a much smaller PAGEkit), you'll notice that I've added loads of new embellishments, more papers, a separate pack of doodles, an alphabet and some quick pages. Check them out!

These doodles are lots of fun to use. I've included masks for each doodle that you can create backgrounds with. Just pull the digi paper of your choice over the mask and create a clipping mask, then drag the doodle on top. Lots of possibilities with this set!

I love this versatile little's so easy to use, and will work for any theme!

I took a little time and created some quick pages with this I have to take some pics so that I can use them! Are any of you like me - kinda boring on New Year's Eve? I'd rather stay home, play games & watch movies with the family, have some fun finger food & watch the ball drop than go out on New Year's Eve. Yes, call me boring - in a fun sort of way ;P

Annette reloaded her Winter Wonder Kit this week. This is such a darling set....loads of fantastic winter elements!
I dunno about you, but I'm freezing just reading this WordArt. Of course, that might have to do with the FREEZING temps outside here. This WordArt is cute enough that I could almost love winter...but only "almost" :P

Annette's Quick pages are fantastic....very versatile and beautifully designed. I think I'll go make a snow angel and have someone snap a pic of me. Lol...and no, I won't be posting that one :P

Annette also created a "bundle" for Winter Wonder (hey...I would have done it for The Countdown, too...but I ran out of time :P) Anyway, the Winter Wonder Bundle is discounted so much that I don't dare mention it here. Just check it out in our shop!

Here's some more great news for you! If you purchase any of the designs from The Countdown or Winter Wonder lines by December 19, you'll save a WHOPPING 50%!!!!! Yes, we've completely lost our minds....and I don't think that we're going to find them anytime soon! That 50% discount just might be a hint about things to come.

If you haven't signed up for our newsletter it quick! I'm going to be sending out newsletters in the next few days, and you're going to want to get the little "gift" that we have for you! Just click the subscribe button over on that side of the blog -------------------------->

Stay tuned, sign up for the newsletter and check back won't want to miss out on any deals from The Ettes!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sign Up for our Newsletter!

We admit it, we've felt a little bit of a "disconnect" since we moved our shop to Pickleberrypop. Don't worry, we LOVE it there...but we miss the interaction we had with our customers & friends through our website. So, upon the suggestion of a couple of our CT members (thanks MaryRuth & JoannaE) we've decided to start our newsletter again!

Unfortunately, our subscriber list was deleted from our service. Soooooooo, I'm asking that you sign up for our newsletter again, and confirm your subscription. Just click the link below or the one in our sidebar to sign up. Be sure to click the link in the confirmation email you'll receive to verify your subscription.
I'll be sending out a newsletter later this week, and we'd hate to have you miss out on it!

Btw...did I mention that if you sign up for our newsletter, we'll make it worth your while? ;) Yeah, yeah....we like to take care of our customers! Sign up & confirm your subscription by December 18, and we'll have a little goodie for our newsletter subscribers! So, tell all of your scrapping friends, and have them sign up too!

Now, on to some fun stuff. I thought I'd show you some layouts that some of the PBP CT members have done with my Hip Christmas designs.

This layout was created by Julie (Mother Bear). First of all, aren't those the most adorable pics? I love her style...I swear every single one of her layouts goes into my "favorites"!

This layout was created by a new member of the PBP CT - La'Shawn (shawnbear). Again, the photo is just too precious - love the journaling. And well, I'm kinda partial to the designs :P I LOOOOVE her use of the acrylic frame and all of the stacked elements!

This last layout was created by Kaye (nockosh) from the PBP CT. The background paper isn't from Hip Christmas, but I loved her layout so much that I wanted to share it anyway. Hey, even I know that people mix & match designs ;)

I'd love to feature some of your share them with us! You can upload them to our gallery at PBP or to our FaceBook Page.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Refreshed, Reloaded, Remarkable . . . "Hip Christmas"

I spent the last few days "spiffing up" and adding loads of new digi goodies to my Hip Christmas Collection so that I could re-load it into our shop at PBP. I confess, as usual, I didn't know when to quit . . . way too much fun! I added lots of new elements, removed a few, and ended up really happy with the result...gotta love those reindeer!

Since it's getting a little late for Christmas releases, I'm giving a bit more of a discount on this set. Purchase any of the Hip Christmas designs by December 15, and you'll save 30%! Since The Bundle's regular price is already 15% below retail, with the 30% disount, you'll save a total of 41% on The Bundle! Yes, I'm feeling generous again!'s the season of giving, isn't it? ;) Anyway, here are the previews, all linked to our PBP shop:

New to the Hip Christmas designs are some fun freehand doodles. They're super fun to use, and really versatile!

Also new to the set is this adorable set of Flair designs. Perfect little accents for your digi projects!

I also added some funky new designs to the WordArt. I loved what was in the kit, but it needed a few more ;P I could have gone on forever with this set. Have I mentioned that I really love designing WordArt?

Here are a couple of layouts to inspire your creativity!

I think I may have mentioned that it's the SEASON OF GIVING...and in my previous post, I mentioned that I might have a freebie for anyone who commented on that post.

Could the following lucky ladies please email me at

Melissa Ash

Julie Luckett


A Page For All Seasons (Shyloh Belnap)

The lucky ladies above will be receiving some of my Hip Christmas designs because they took the time to comment on our post! NOW DON'T YOU WISH YOU WOULD HAVE LEFT A COMMENT?!? Thank you ladies, for leaving your comments, and for the kind things you said!

Ok, that's enough for today. I hope you're enjoying the Christmas Season and spending lots of time with friends & family!

Friday, December 3, 2010

More digi goodness in our PBP Shop!

The Christmas season is in full swing...and we've been BUSY designing! You'll find loads of gorgeous new goodies in the PBP Shop! Annette and I teamed up with the rest of the PBP Designers to create the "Candyland" Collab kit - you can get it FREE with any $10 purchase (in one order) in the shop. There are also some beautiful clusters & quick pages that you can get free with any $15 purchase - and, of course, you should most definitely buy OUR DESIGNS to get this collab for free. I's only fair!

I took some time away from designing to play with the Candyland Collab designs a bit....I LOVED using the collab kit. Lots of gorgeous goodies to choose from!

We're also re-releasing one of our favorite kits, "Celebrate"! Of course, we've tweeked it and added some new digi goodies to it. What a great kit for any of your "party pages"! The best news is that you can SaVe 25% if you purchase any of the Celebrate Designs by Dec. 8!

We added some new flair designs, and packaged them separately for any of you who may have purchased the kit in our you won't have to buy it all again to get these cute little goodies!

I also created some extra frame clusters. I just love stuff that makes scrapping fast, easy and look seriously creative! These clusters will do that in a snap! They're also sold separately, but they do include one cluster that was previously in the kit.

We hadn't created any quick pages with this set of this is a brand new, never before seen set (lol...did I build that up enough? :)

...and here's a sample of a completed quick page. Yeah,'s another shot of one of my adorable grandkids. Admit it, he's about as cute as they come!

Here's the best deal - if you purchase the Celebrate BUNDLE by Dec. 8, you'll get EVERYTHING in the Celebrate line for $12.71 - that's a savings of 36%! Yes, we're getting a bit senile in our old age :P

I'm also re-releasing some Templ•Ettes - these came from Collections 5 & 8 in our if you purchased them, double check so you don't buy them twice. But hey...they're such a great deal at 25% off that it won't hurt much even if you do!

...and finally, some samples created using our Templ•Ettes x 2. Sorry they're so's almost 2:30 a.m. and I'm too tired/lazy to redo the images :P I linked them to my PBP Gallery, so you can see a larger image there ;)

Pheeeewwww....and if you stuck with us to the end.....THANK YOU. You should get a freebie or something, shouldn't you? Hmmmmm....let's see if we get any comments about that!

Monday, November 29, 2010

A New FrEeBiE for YoU!

Annette created this adorable desktop calendar with her Christmas Joy Kit. Click the image to download it...and enjoy!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Memory Mixer Sale!

Memory Mixer is having an early Christmas SALE!!! SAVE 20% on everything in the Memory Mixer Shop through Monday, November 29th (throws excluded). Click the image to head over to our shop and fill up your cart. Remember to use the code HOLIDAY10 when you check out to get the discount.
We hope that our US friends have a very HaPpY tHaNkSgIvInG! We're so thankful for you, and will be thinking of ALL of you tomorrow as we stuff ourselves with turkey, dressing and lots of pie! We hope that no one gets trampled in the Black Friday chaos . . . get more sleep and save yourself lots of pain and just shop online :P

Sunday, November 21, 2010

We have a LOT to be THanKFuL for!

I love this time of year (although I could do without the SNOW that we got today!) I love that we take the time to be more aware of, and acknowledge the good things that we enjoy in life. I wish we could show as much gratitude all year long as we do at Thanksgiving time!

Anyway, Annette and I both know that we're fortunate to be able to enjoy careers doing something that we both love so much. We couldn't do that without you, our fantastic customers! So....we thought we'd show our gratitude to you by having a little sale in our shop at Pickleberrypop!

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving- don't eat too much pumpkin pie!

CT Call at Pickleberry!

Pickleberrypop just announced an unofficial CT Call on their facebook page. If you've been thinking about trying for some CT positions, this is a GREAT one to go for! We have really loved working with Carolyn & the team at PBP! You'd be associating with some seriously talented scrappers and using designs from some fantastic designers (lol...and, of course, that would include our designs!) Check out a couple of the latest PBP CT creations using my kits:

Winter Wonders layout created by PBP CT member, MotherBear (Julie) using my refreshed and reloaded FrostBite Collection.

Christmas Carols layout created by PBP CT member, yogovonne (Yvonne), using my Christmas Carols Collection.

These ladies are seriously talented - talk about stacking queens! Between our CT and the PBP team, we have the best scrappers using our designs! So....don't delay, apply for the CT openings! You'll be glad you did!

Friday, November 19, 2010

ReFReSHeD & ReLoADeD - FrostBite!

I spent some time "refreshing" one of my all-time favorite kits, FrostBite! It's now available in its "spiffed-up" form in our shop at Pickleberrypop! Purchase any of these designs by Nov. 21, and you'll save 25%! All of the images are linked to our shop - check out the slide shows there to see some beautiful samples!

I couldn't resist playing with the refreshed designs, so I created a new set of quick pages to make your scrapping fast & friendly!

...and, because we're always so generous, I created a BUNDLE with all of the FrostBite designs. The normal price is discounted 15% over purchasing them separately, but since all of the FrostBite designs are discounted 25% until Nov. 21, you'll save a total of 36% on the bundle! Now that's a deal!

Here are a couple of samples of the finished quick pages....ya know, I hate being cold and I can't say that I love the snow much, but I really love winter layouts :P