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Thursday, December 16, 2010

More NeW GoODiES in the PBP Shop!

We've added some more of our favorites to our shop at PBP! I'm adding "The Countdown" Dig-Ette-al Kit this week. For those of you who bought it on our website (as a much smaller PAGEkit), you'll notice that I've added loads of new embellishments, more papers, a separate pack of doodles, an alphabet and some quick pages. Check them out!

These doodles are lots of fun to use. I've included masks for each doodle that you can create backgrounds with. Just pull the digi paper of your choice over the mask and create a clipping mask, then drag the doodle on top. Lots of possibilities with this set!

I love this versatile little's so easy to use, and will work for any theme!

I took a little time and created some quick pages with this I have to take some pics so that I can use them! Are any of you like me - kinda boring on New Year's Eve? I'd rather stay home, play games & watch movies with the family, have some fun finger food & watch the ball drop than go out on New Year's Eve. Yes, call me boring - in a fun sort of way ;P

Annette reloaded her Winter Wonder Kit this week. This is such a darling set....loads of fantastic winter elements!
I dunno about you, but I'm freezing just reading this WordArt. Of course, that might have to do with the FREEZING temps outside here. This WordArt is cute enough that I could almost love winter...but only "almost" :P

Annette's Quick pages are fantastic....very versatile and beautifully designed. I think I'll go make a snow angel and have someone snap a pic of me. Lol...and no, I won't be posting that one :P

Annette also created a "bundle" for Winter Wonder (hey...I would have done it for The Countdown, too...but I ran out of time :P) Anyway, the Winter Wonder Bundle is discounted so much that I don't dare mention it here. Just check it out in our shop!

Here's some more great news for you! If you purchase any of the designs from The Countdown or Winter Wonder lines by December 19, you'll save a WHOPPING 50%!!!!! Yes, we've completely lost our minds....and I don't think that we're going to find them anytime soon! That 50% discount just might be a hint about things to come.

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