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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Celebrate PBP's Birthday with . . . LOLLY BAGS!

I know, you're probably asking yourself "What the heck is a LOLLY BAG?"'s the Aussie term for a grab bag! I've created TWO COORDINATING LOLLY BAGS to help kick off PBP's birthday Celebration. They're not your typical "grab bag"....this stuff is GOOD. It MATCHES....and you're not going to want to miss out on them! Each Lolly Bag retails for over $13, but from today through August 2, you can get them for ONLY $4 EACH - that's a savings of over 70%. Run...don't walk to PBP's Shop and grab these ( you know what I mean - you'd miss the sale if you literally walked to Australia *grin*)

Here's a sneak peek at my Lolly Bags....they don't get much girlier than this!

This is Lolly Bag # 1 - I won't tell you here what it includes...but if you go to our shop, you can SEE everything (lol...I'm not very good at keeping this a secret coz I LOVE this collection!) Love/Hate Relationship with Blogger continues. The image link is being a bit if you can't click the image, just check out Lolly Bag #1 here. *sigh*

...and here's Lolly Bag #2 - it coordinates perfectly with #1, and believe me when I say you NEED this one. I LOVE the Avatars & Spattered Swirls so much....oh wait, I didn't say that. I would NEVER tell you what this Lolly Bag includes!

Since it's PBP's birthday, I decided to give YOU a gift. Check out this freebie made with my Lolly Bags!

Be sure to check out The Ettes PBP Gallery to see the GORGEOUS things that our Creative Team made with my Lolly Bags. I'd show you here...but I want you to go to PBP's Site and join in the fun!

Be sure to check PBP's site regularly this month...we have a HUGE sale coming up, and tons of FUN activities to celebrate their FIFTH YEAR in business! There will be a scavenger hunt, blog & facebook hop, challenges & more....and yes, there will be LOTS of PRIZES. So head over to PBP's Website and PBP's Facebook Page to check them out!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Save 25% on Going Coastal at PBP!

If you have a soft spot in your heart for my goofy little creatures, you're going to love my new GOING COASTAL COLLECTION! Personally, I'm smitten by the octopus & jellyfish *grin* These designs are perfect for all of your beach projects...and then some!

Purchase any of the Going Coastal Designs in our PBP Shop by July 26 to save 25% (which means you'll really save 36% on The know the routine by now!

The Bundle

I think you'll love my "Make a Mermaid" set...the skin tones, fins, hair and extra accessories all come separate so that you can customize & create your own little mermaid. Wouldn't it be fun to have a little MERMAID Birthday Party (and I'm not talking Disney here)

Several of our CT members are away on vacation, so I recruited PBP's CT members to work with my CT to create some sample layouts for you. Prepare to be impressed!

I even created a little freebie for you that coordinates with my Going Coastal Designs - be sure to snag it and show us what you do with it.

And hey, if you're in the market for a few more freebies, check out the Designer Freebie Forum at PBP....we're posting some goodies there, and you're going to want them all. Keep an eye on that forum in the coming week....PBP will be celebrating a birthday and know how those Aussies LOVE to PARTY!

Pheeeewwwww....if you made it this deserve a prize! Oh wait, I just gave you a freebie. That's your prize *snicker* Now...head to The PBP Shop and do some shopping!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Time4Family - New in the PBP Shop!

Time4Family is the third release in my Time4Me Series - Families come in all shapes & sizes & they help define each of us. Unfortunately, life gets so hectic that sometimes we need a reminder to give more of our time to those that we love. So, take a break, enjoy some time with your family, and scrap a page about it, whether it's just an ordinary day, or some quirky facts about the nuts in your family tree!

All Time4Family designs are discounted 25% through July 12, so grab them while you can save! As usual, The Bundle! is discounted 15% every day, so with the additional new release discount, you'll actually save 36% on The Bundle! Time to go shopping, isn't it?

Remember to shop by Tuesday, July 12 to save 25%!

Finally, our CT did a FANTASTIC job with this set of designs. I have sooooo much fun seeing their creations come in after I've given them a new set of designs. I'm kind of like a kid on Christmas morning...yes, it's that much fun for me! Be sure to check them out and leave a little love in the gallery!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sandbox Summer at PBP....and some winners!

After spending a month at The Daily Digi, Sandox Summer has come home to stay at PBP! New this week is the full Dig-Ette-al Kit, WordArt and The Bundle! These designs are perfect for your everyday summer activities!

Also available in the shop are coordinating Sandbox Summer Add-On Kit, Flair, Sunny Alpha, Sandbox Alpha and Quick Pages.
Be sure to visit our shop by Tuesday, July 5 to save on all of the Sandbox Summer designs!

Now....on to the important stuff! THREE of you guessed the theme for the next release in my Time4Me Series. Lol...however, I'm not going to tell you WHICH of their guesses was correct, since I'm not releasing the kit until next week...and they all made multiple, similar guesses! Anyway, those that guessed correctly will win THE BUNDLE which is worth over $26! Congratulations to . . .

>>>>>> Laura <<<<<<
>>>>>> Brandi <<<<<<
>>>>>> Alyna <<<<<<

As usual, I'm feeling extra generous, so I used to select two more winners who will receive the new Dig-Ette-al Kit:

>>>>>> Melissa Ash <<<<<<
>>>>>> Connie <<<<<<

Congrats, ladies! I think you'll really love these designs...I had a lot of fun creating them! Please contact me at so that I can arrange to get your prizes to you!