The Ettes and Company

Monday, November 24, 2008

Nibble, NibBLe

Those pesky mice have been busy again! Since it's just a few days before Thanksgiving, we thought we'd give you a peek at something seasonal :)

We hope that each of you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Eat LOTS of pie (and a little turkey) and take some time to reflect on the things that you should be thankful in your lives.

Now...on the business side of things. Ya know, if we did what we really want to, we'd tell you EXACTLY what we're up to. It's taking longer than we expected to get things "ready" for an announcement...and well, you know how patient we both are *snicker*. So, since we're not quite sure how long it's going to be until these sneak peeks become something that is actually available to you.... you'll have to use your imaginations :)

One request though.....don't go too crazy imagining things coz ummmm....we may not be able to live up to your expectations ;) I do have to say that these things we've been working on are some of my favorites ever. It's actually helped us move on and get excited about new ventures!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Say ChEeSe!

Did you say "Cheese"?! Hmmm, looks like I have a "tasting" too. Like Fayette said, we've been busy little bees (I mean mice). Our computers have "trapped" us and we just work away! Stay tuned . . . our cheese may just completely disappear one day.

The holidays are quickly approaching. Eeek! Where has the year gone? Hopefully you're making some cute projects for the special people in your life. I better get busy myself.


Thursday, November 13, 2008


I know it's going to surprise you, but the other day I sat down at my computer, and found, of all things...a MOUSE sitting beside my monitor. I guess I can expect this..I DO live in the middle of nowhere ;) Does this ever happen to any of you????

Anyway, this little critter had obviously been very busy with one of my latest designs. There were HOLES in everything....what a mess. Annette and I have been working like mad to put together some new designs. We were't quite ready to do a complete reveal...and now we're even further away *sigh*

I just can't believe my luck. A stupid little mouse.

Have I ever mentioned that I'm not a huge lover of animals? Well, it's worse now :P

The stupid little thing chewed Holes in one of my layouts *sniff*sniff*sniff* (Do you feel sorry for me yet????)

He basically made swiss cheese out of one of my projects *whimper*

Rather than try to describe the destruction and devastation that he left...I'll just show you ;)

*snicker* All that I have to say is,

Ok...smack me. I know it's corny :P We just didn't want you to think that we're sitting around eating bon bons and not designing! We've been working night and day (nothing new there for us). Hey, you know it's bad when Annette sends me a text message at about 1:30 a.m.....and I answer her :P *snicker* Yes, we're working hard, hoping that it won't be too much longer before we can tell you exactly what we're up to!

For now, we hope a few little sneak peeks here and there will tide you (and US) over. We're ready to get out of the starting gate!

One last thing...I noticed that we've had lots of new people sign up on our email list and join our list of followers. WELCOME to our little part of blogland. We hope you'll join us often, and make yourself at home.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Giving away more GoOdiES!

Thanks for giving us your opinions on our templates -- colored vs. grayscale. The colored templates win...and so do these people who left left a comment telling us their preference:

(Winners were chosen using so you can be assured that it was completely unbiased :) Please contact me at, and I'll send you your prize :) You'll each be receiving a cute little sheet of gift tags to help you get a jump on the holidays. These are in png format, so you can easily separate them to use them digitally, or print them and cut them out to put on your packages!

Have fun, and thanks for participating!

P.S. Don't forget to send me the sample layouts you created using the free template....and yes, I'm NagGiNG again *sigh*

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Election Day in the US!

For all of our friends here in the U.S., we just wanted to remind you to get out and vote today. I took advantage of the early voting this year so we wouldn't have to wait for so long--yes, even in my little tiny town, during an election like this, there would be LONG lines. It looks like it's going to be really close, so make your voice heard!

On another note...we're going to give you one more day to chime in on the template poll: colored vs. grayscale templates. We'll pick a winner from all of those that have left comments on the "We have some WiNnErS!" post by noon tomorrow.

One last detail...I really want to put a slide show together showing the layouts that you created with the free template that we sent out. We haven't received many layouts back, so I guess I have to reduce myself to nagging.

*Whine* Puhleeeeeeze send me the layouts that you created with the "blog winners" template so that we can show everyone what you did with it. *end of whining*

Have a great TuEsDaY!