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Thursday, November 13, 2008


I know it's going to surprise you, but the other day I sat down at my computer, and found, of all things...a MOUSE sitting beside my monitor. I guess I can expect this..I DO live in the middle of nowhere ;) Does this ever happen to any of you????

Anyway, this little critter had obviously been very busy with one of my latest designs. There were HOLES in everything....what a mess. Annette and I have been working like mad to put together some new designs. We were't quite ready to do a complete reveal...and now we're even further away *sigh*

I just can't believe my luck. A stupid little mouse.

Have I ever mentioned that I'm not a huge lover of animals? Well, it's worse now :P

The stupid little thing chewed Holes in one of my layouts *sniff*sniff*sniff* (Do you feel sorry for me yet????)

He basically made swiss cheese out of one of my projects *whimper*

Rather than try to describe the destruction and devastation that he left...I'll just show you ;)

*snicker* All that I have to say is,

Ok...smack me. I know it's corny :P We just didn't want you to think that we're sitting around eating bon bons and not designing! We've been working night and day (nothing new there for us). Hey, you know it's bad when Annette sends me a text message at about 1:30 a.m.....and I answer her :P *snicker* Yes, we're working hard, hoping that it won't be too much longer before we can tell you exactly what we're up to!

For now, we hope a few little sneak peeks here and there will tide you (and US) over. We're ready to get out of the starting gate!

One last thing...I noticed that we've had lots of new people sign up on our email list and join our list of followers. WELCOME to our little part of blogland. We hope you'll join us often, and make yourself at home.


morty said...

Ah... that dear little fellow - the sneak peek mouse!!! WooHoo.... GO MOUSE GO!!

I'm tempted to put an "all you can eat" sign on your monitor Fayette, so mousey and his rodent friends will help themselves... thus giving us more previews.


morty said...

Forgot to say - I'm liking what I'm seeing so far!!!

Earlene in MO said...

I love all the little hints you put out even if they are full of holes :) Can't wait to see what you have been working on.

ScrapCrazyDiva said...

Love the sneak peek! Can't wait to see whatelse you come up with.


"Kreative Karma" said...

LOL! You are too stinkin' funny!

Beth Swann said...

Looks good! Hope with all your new reveal goodies that some digi kits are amongst them!

RealRach said...
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RealRach said...

For the love of Pete...You've got to be kidding. That will teach you to eat and work on a project at the same time. It probably smelled like cheese puffs or something to it! LOL hahahaha

So stinking curious as to what you both have been up too!

Sorry about the deleted post...darn typos!

Izzy said...

Lov the sneek peek!

kathymorrison said...

Okay, now I am totally confused! Are you planning a new paper crafting line or digital line? Is this going to be available in stores, through your website or consultants? I think I missed something here! Anyway, love the peek!

Annette said...

Ummmm, we can't really say just yet what we're doing . . . it's still a little too early. Sorry it's not much info but stay tuned!

Hope you all have a hApPy ThAnKsGiViNg!