The Ettes and Company

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Say ChEeSe!

Did you say "Cheese"?! Hmmm, looks like I have a "tasting" too. Like Fayette said, we've been busy little bees (I mean mice). Our computers have "trapped" us and we just work away! Stay tuned . . . our cheese may just completely disappear one day.

The holidays are quickly approaching. Eeek! Where has the year gone? Hopefully you're making some cute projects for the special people in your life. I better get busy myself.



Morty said...

Keep going little mouse - just a few mouthfuls every day and you'll soon get rid of all that cheese for us. You are showing us some reeeealy tempting morsels.....

ScrapCrazyDiva said...

Thanks for sharing these tidbits!