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Friday, December 3, 2010

More digi goodness in our PBP Shop!

The Christmas season is in full swing...and we've been BUSY designing! You'll find loads of gorgeous new goodies in the PBP Shop! Annette and I teamed up with the rest of the PBP Designers to create the "Candyland" Collab kit - you can get it FREE with any $10 purchase (in one order) in the shop. There are also some beautiful clusters & quick pages that you can get free with any $15 purchase - and, of course, you should most definitely buy OUR DESIGNS to get this collab for free. I's only fair!

I took some time away from designing to play with the Candyland Collab designs a bit....I LOVED using the collab kit. Lots of gorgeous goodies to choose from!

We're also re-releasing one of our favorite kits, "Celebrate"! Of course, we've tweeked it and added some new digi goodies to it. What a great kit for any of your "party pages"! The best news is that you can SaVe 25% if you purchase any of the Celebrate Designs by Dec. 8!

We added some new flair designs, and packaged them separately for any of you who may have purchased the kit in our you won't have to buy it all again to get these cute little goodies!

I also created some extra frame clusters. I just love stuff that makes scrapping fast, easy and look seriously creative! These clusters will do that in a snap! They're also sold separately, but they do include one cluster that was previously in the kit.

We hadn't created any quick pages with this set of this is a brand new, never before seen set (lol...did I build that up enough? :)

...and here's a sample of a completed quick page. Yeah,'s another shot of one of my adorable grandkids. Admit it, he's about as cute as they come!

Here's the best deal - if you purchase the Celebrate BUNDLE by Dec. 8, you'll get EVERYTHING in the Celebrate line for $12.71 - that's a savings of 36%! Yes, we're getting a bit senile in our old age :P

I'm also re-releasing some Templ•Ettes - these came from Collections 5 & 8 in our if you purchased them, double check so you don't buy them twice. But hey...they're such a great deal at 25% off that it won't hurt much even if you do!

...and finally, some samples created using our Templ•Ettes x 2. Sorry they're so's almost 2:30 a.m. and I'm too tired/lazy to redo the images :P I linked them to my PBP Gallery, so you can see a larger image there ;)

Pheeeewwww....and if you stuck with us to the end.....THANK YOU. You should get a freebie or something, shouldn't you? Hmmmmm....let's see if we get any comments about that!


Melissa Ash said...

I have been buying your stuff off of the Memory Mixer site since you started designing for them (THANK YOU!). I just found this and Pickleberrypop, and let me tell you, I am SO THRILLED! I love your designs and have done so many fun things with them. I always tell my husband "I am done buying scrapbook stuff, because I have so much of it" but then you upload your new kits, and I WANT them! Any time I get extra money, it goes to buy your kits! And, hey, a freebie for reading that post would be wonderful! :) (Just because you said it!)

Annette Ward said...

Thanks for your kind words Melissa! I know how addicting scrapbooking stuff is. And it's just as addicting designing it! But with all the cute projects and scrapbooking pages you can make, it's well worth it! And yes, that post was waaayyy long. Hmmm, I wonder if Fayette was serious about a freebie. But you know us; we like to make our customers happy!!!!

sweetheaven said...

A freebie would be awesome. I love your stuff. I have gotten a very of your things. You ladies are very talent.
thanks for sharing it with us.

Fayette said...

heeeeeey....I'm always serious, at least about stuff like this. Patience is a virtue, ya know ;)

A Page 4 all Seasons said...

Keep on creating! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your stuff. It is all I buy!!! YOU are the reason(s) I have converted to digital. Love the ETTES!

Love, your stalker (you know who)

A Page 4 all Seasons said...

Oh, and kinda laughing here... I bought ONE kit from another designer. JUST ONE. Then guess what... I just notice it was a collaboration with you! (Girly Christmas)

Annette Ward said...

Glad you've gone digi! We love it too. And we love that you're our "stalker". *snicker*