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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More new GoOdiEs!

Annette and I spent the last couple of days designing some Valentine products -- tags, cards, bag toppers and love coupons. I think we have something for everyone that you love :) And hey, they're cheap. So go check them out!

We even printed several things out and created some hybrid projects with them...LOTS of fun (I'm hoping my hubby doesn't look and the images while he's uploading them, coz I made a coupon book for about being ready for Valentine's Day early!)

We're selling each item seperately, but we're also offering them in combo packs by if you like both designs of either style (or both designs of both styles :) sure to select the combo packs and save a little bit of money!

Here are the images of the combo packs that you'll find in the shopping cart:

I'm excited to see what you do with these designs. I know there are lots of you that think outside the box! Let us know what you think...and please tell us if there are any other projects like these that you'd like to see!

1 comment:

Susan Catmull said...

Oh, so cute. I'm getting that combo pack for sure. Love it!