The Ettes and Company

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Google Search

Ok, so maybe this is a little too "computer nerdy", but I did a search on google this morning on "the Ettes"....and we've FINALLY made it into the first page of search results :) That's GREAT news for us. I think when I first did this, we were on like page 11 :) This made my IT guy hubby VERY means that we're getting lots more links to our website on your blogs & other online sites :)

Btw...we didn't have a clue there was a band called "the Ettes"...but I'll bet their actual names don't end in "Ette" I guess we'll claim the title to being the "real Ettes" :)

So, thanks for all you've done...and keep adding those blinkies and linking to our site. It's working!


"Kreative Karma" said...

Woot woot! There ya go!

Mary said...

I made a very simple background for my blog using the 'Thats what friends are for' kit. You can see it at Thanks for the great designs!

Annette said...

Very cute Mary! Thanks for sharing.

Janelle said...

Wonder if that band's any good?? haha