The Ettes and Company

Friday, August 20, 2010

Changes for The Ettes!

We have been thinking about making some big changes for quite some time. It's been a difficult process, but we think we're doing the best thing for our careers (and our sanity!) So....see the big news below!

As the graphic says, you don't need to panic. We'll still be around after we close our site, doing the thing we love most....DESIGNING. Lol...yes, I think that's me that you can hear cheering in the background about not having to maintain the website anymore! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!! In the meantime, head over to OUR SHOP and save some cash on everything in our shop!

We will still have our blog so that you can come here to get the latest news after we close our site. And, of course, there's always facebook and message boards at our new home....but *ahem* we're not gonna give you all of those details yet.

Just know that we're HAPPY about this change. It's been a great experience to run our own site and shop, but we're ready to devote less of our time to the "tech" side of things and more time to creating beautiful stuff. That's what it's all about for us!


Melissa O. said...

Glad that you are happy for the change and excited to see who you will be designing for. How long will you have the 50% off sale?

Fayette said...


We'll probably let the sale run at least until Sept 1...but we're not sure - it may be longer, may be a bit less. It kinda depends on how quickly we can get ready to open up in our "new home" :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck in your new venture! If your "new home" involves paper products, I'll be so thrilled. :)


Susan Catmull said...

Just let us have time to download it all. I think it will take me a week!!!! :)
I love your desktops too so if possible keep those coming. I want to make a look back calendar at the end of the year with all of yours.