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Friday, October 15, 2010

Reloading another favorite at PBP!

I know that many of our blog & FB followers may have this collection...but I thought I'd post it for our newer friends who may not have picked it up yet. You may notice that I've reloaded it under a new name - "Friends4ever" is a lot easier to type than "That's What Friends are For!" *pheeeeew* :P So....take a look at the refreshed, cleaned up and reloaded "Friends4ever" designs - check them out at - they're discounted 25% through Wednesday, October 20!

If you love all of the Friends4ever designs...then buy the bundle and save. It's normally priced 15% less than purchasing everything separately. BUT....since all of the new digi goodies are on sale, this set will actually save you 36% over buying them separately (at full price). So...check it out!

I've also reloaded one of my favorite quick page albums. "My ABC Book" is an adorable set of 30 quick pages that will help you creatively spell out your love for some of your favorite people!

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