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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Catching up!

It seems like it's been a bit more "miss" lately than "hit" on our blog. We've both been really busy lately...Annette tending her grandson, and I've had tons of family details to see to.

I had grandkids for a couple of days this week, so that kept me occupied for part of the time. Many of you know that my dad has Parkinson's disease and lives with us. It's a real blessing for our family, and I'm happy to be able to share so much time with him. We've been busy doing some things that he's been anxious about that was nice. I took him to visit some old friends who were having health problems...what a nice day out for him. We attended a funeral for a cousin, a viewing for a wonderful family friend (she was 87, so it wasn't terribly sad, and it was great to see their family again.) Today we had a great time going to a town about an hour away to listen to his brother and sister-in-law speak in church before leaving for an LDS Mission to the Phillipines. It was a wonderful day again...lots of fun visiting and catching up with relatives that we hadn't seen for a long time *Hi Michelle & Karla!* (my cousins that happen to follow our blog).

Anyway, we haven't forgotten about our faithful blog followers. We've been living life, and squeezing in a bit of designing on the side. My new "Blue Skies" Collection will be available this Friday. We have lots of beautiful samples to share with you...and I've created TWO sets of "Click" pages this time...I just couldn't stop working with this kit...way too much fun!

The Member Gallery has gone kind of "quiet" since the contest ended. We want you to keep sharing your creations. Do you need some motivation? Hmmmmm...maybe you should leave a comment on this post and tell us what would motivate you to upload more projects to the gallery! We're open to your ideas...within reason :) Tell us what would help motivate you to do more scrapping with our designs. If you don't need motivation, just more time...I'm afraid we can't help with that. We're just designers...not miracle workers *snicker*

Anyway...happy scrappin' and know that we're always thinking about you!


wendys said...

I'm working on using the two new kits that I won. I'm using the Be My Guest and Dude. I just need more time. I'm looking forward to your new kit on Friday.

The Mullis' said...

Hi Faye! Yes, I am a faithful follower :) It was great to see you this weekend. I'm excited to see your new kit on Friday! Sounds wonderful :) I haven't uploaded my pages to the gallery, but I'll work on some. Everything in the gallery is so beautiful! So many great ideas. Happy scrapping :) -Michelle

Angelrat said...

Hi! I'm another of your blog faithful, I was so glad to find out where you'd gone :) I'm thinking a forum might be good, to go along with the gallery, forums allow your fans to get to know each other and build up a sense of community, that might help get the gallery going too. And maybe monthly challenges... I love challenges! So do many others, I've noticed *grin*

I cant wait to see your next new kit on Friday!

Melissa O. said...

I just need time but a gift certificate give away might help me along :) I have a lot of projects going but did get my first video post finished about My Memories Suite. LOVING IT and the people from StoryRock are soooo nice. Hope to get some time soon to make something worth putting in the gallery

Anonymous said...

I have looked at a lot of digital sites and it's so confusing for someone that has never done digital scrapbooking.I have windows vista and even when I download the freebies I still have no idea how to use them, I think if someone had information on how to start from start to finish a page more people would be inclined to purchase designs, I know if I could figure it out all of your fantasic designs would be in my shopping bag.You have a beautiful site it brings a smile to my face when I see all the beautiful designs. If I even figure out how to use these designs I will be in heaven.

Fayette said...

We're working on another form of "motivation" to get our gallery moving. We're not quite "there" with the details, though. I LOVE the Challenge idea...I also love the idea of a "layout of the week" (I'd rather have a LOTD, but ummmm...we'd need LOTS more layouts posted). Anyway, we'll help you with some motivation along the way!

For Anonymous...I've actually been working on a "How Do I Get Started" page for our FAQ's today. I have a good start on it, but it's going to take me a while to finish it. Maybe I should upload it in portions as I finish parts--I keep thinking of new things to add and getting side-tracked.

Anyway, we are regularly contacted and asked "how do I use your products?" we'll get something put on our website that will help answer those questions. We want you to see how EASY it is to use our designs. Speaking of EASY...did you know you can even use our designs in WORD? can, and that will be part of what I cover in this section for our FAQ's. Short version is that you click on "Insert/picture/from file" and then you select one of the jpg or png files from our designs, and it will be added to your word doc. This opens up a whole new world for school, work, church fliers, invitations, etc. Just thought I'd mention that here...I'll go into more detail for the website instructions :)

Keep the feedback coming ladies...we really appreciate it!