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Friday, May 15, 2009

New "Click" Pages and a BiRtHDaY Sale!

Annette's Magical Memories Collection has been downloaded by a lot of you. Now she's adding to the "must have" Magical designs with her set of "Magical Memories Click Pages". Not only are these great for helping you remember your trips to "that amusement park"...they're just great for everyday photos. Click the image to check them sure to watch the slide show in the shop to see the detail in these designs!

Now, on to some really BIG NEWS! Annette will be celebrating her 39th birthday AGAIN on Saturday, May 16. We won't tell you how many times she's been 39, but I will tell you that she's been 39 one more time than I have :P *snicker*

To celebrate her birthday, we're going to have another "39 Again!" Sale. This time, everything in the shop is discounted 39% so you won't need to use a coupon code.

We'll be sending an email out about the sale tomorrow. We just thought we'd post it here with the new "Click" Pages so that you don't hurry and buy them...and then get upset when you find out you could have saved some cash on Saturday. See how thoughtful we are? *snicker*

We try :)

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