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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Last Day to Save!

Don't forget that our "1/3 off" sale ends today. Be sure to visit the shop and save!

For those of you who know me, you know that I live in a LITTLE town in Utah. Today is the last day of our city's annual festival...and yes, it really is called "Wheat and Beet Days"-- oh stop laughing :) We have a big sugar factory here in town (it's not operating anymore), so the farmers grew a lot of sugar beets in the valley, and they still grow lots of wheat...thus the name of the celebration :) I know...many of you have had a good laugh over this, but it's a lot of fun, regardless of the snickers :P Our grandkids are all here to go to the parade with us this morning, and to the fireman's waterfight this afternoon. Of course, we'll hit the park and all of the booths and just enjoy an evening with the family. They end the night with a great fireworks show....and everyone except little Ambree loves them. She's TERRIFIED by fireworks so far. Maybe she'll like them better next year :)'s time to get cleaned up and enjoy the day's activities!

Yes, I'm a small town girl, and I love it :)

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