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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yikes . . .

I let way too many days slip by since the last blog post. Annette and I have been busy revising and finalizing the project for the French Canadian client that I mentioned a couple of posts ago. I've also been busy creating some fun little designs that will be released later this week. If you've been to our website recently, you've seen much more than a sneak peek :) Here's an image showing you one of our new "Mini Dig-Ette-al Kits"--I know it's early, but I LOVE I thought I'd share that one here. They'll be released later this week, by the 20th at the latest (and sooner if I can get everything ready...but no promises there :)

It's sad to think the summer is almost over. The kids here go back to school next week......although I don't have any kids going back this year. Aaaaaaahhhhh...yes, I'm DONE with that part of parenthood. No more Parent/Teacher conferences!

Annette and I are both expecting new grandbabies soon...our families just keep growing! I really don't know how that happens. Neither of us are old enough to be "grandmas"....honest! *wink*

Ok...remember to go to Laura's blog and participate in her's always fun to get a clean house, get some scrapping done AND have a chance to win a prize. She also has a link to another challenge, and has done her layout for that challenge using our designs...really cute stuff, Laura!


Laura: said...

Thanks for the compliment! It's so easy to create such beautiful pages with such amazing designs to work with! I have loved your designs for a long time! :)

A Page 4 all Seasons said...

You guys are amazing! I see a TON of scrapbook product out there but seriously, you guys are still my FAVORITE!!!!! I just need to sit down and actually use the stuff I buy!!! Are you going to do a design team call every year?

Annette said...

Thanks! You are so nice. I saw you on GTU today. You did a GREAT job! You always do such cute stuff. We'll be sure to let you know if we do another CT call. It would be so fun to work with you!