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Friday, May 14, 2010

Annette's FIFTY is FaBuLoUS SaLE!

I know that she probably doesn't want me to advertise this...but my dearest friend, Annette, is having a birthday this we're having a sale! Check it out! ( are aware that she's OLDER than me, aren't you? :) *sigh* Now...if only she looked like it :P

We've both been slacking off for a couple of weeks, so we finally got busy and each of us turned out a new set of designs. (btw...we were working on these designs right up to the last you'll have to wait a few days to see what our wonderful Creative Team does with them!)

Annette put together this adorable "Simple Moments" Mini's just perfect for those everyday moments that you don't want to forget. Dang...I had a couple of those this week, but I forgot what they were. She should have designed this kit sooner *snicker*

During my slacking off time, I slept a bit more than usual--no less than 6 hours a night! I guess that was the inspiration for my new designs ;) I had a lot of fun putting together "In Your Dreams". . . it's perfect for those cute (and sometimes hilarious) "sleepy" photos of your friends and family.

My sister has some great pics that I wish I could have used for this kit. Lol..her hubby fell asleep (and of course, he's past 40 so his mouth dropped open). Their evil sons got some Pepperidge Farm fish crackers and filled his mouth up. Lol..they're hilarious, but unfortunately, I couldn't get my hands on them in time. Darn...that reminds me, I should have put a fish in this kit :P

I also created a set of "Click" Pages using the "In Your Dreams" Collection....LOTS of fun putting these together...and I'm only guessing that you can tell which one I did in honor of my brother-in-law...even if his picture isn't on it *snicker* have no excuses. We have some fantastic new designs....AND you get to save a bundle on them this weekend. So...go shopping, and then get scrapping!

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Melissa O. said...

Yea!!! New kits and a 50% discount, WOOHOO!