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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's Winter Outside, but Summer on my Screen!

I'm seriously tired of all of this white stuff in my yard (for those of you unfamiliar with's SNOW!) So, I've been working with some spring & summer designs to try & forget that it's still winter here! I really meant to re-release this one when our friends down under were in the middle of summer...ummmm...I missed *snicker* They're heading into autumn in AUS now, but oh well, I'm adding this one to the shop anyway. Since I'm a little slow or really early - depending where you live, I'm giving an extra generous discount on these designs for TWO DAYS ONLY - March 2-3!

Here's some fantastic inspiration from our Creative Team. These ladies are unbelieveably talented, and we LOVE working with them!

I mentioned up above that I've been working with spring and summer designs...well, I'm releasing things kind of backwards! Summer first...and then spring! I've been refreshing, revamping and falling in love all over again with my favorite spring kit of all time...I'll be releasing that on Thursday, so check back to see the new goodies!

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