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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Meet The Ettes...Award Winning Bloggers :)

I was pleasantly surprised today by Carly when she honored us with the Stylish Blogger Award for our humble little blog. Thanks sure to check out her blog Carly's Digi Scraps! Would it be egotistical of us to refer to ourselves as "award winning" designers now? Lol...don't worry, I won't, but we're honored, nonetheless!

Now, on with the harder part of receiving this award. I've already filled the first requirement...linking back to Carly's blog. Now, I need to share 7 little facts about myself (some sites that I looked at said I should share 8...but hey, I'm going with the lower number just coz I'm just not that interesting at 2 in the morning.) This could take some time. Lol...i guess you'll never know because you'll have no idea when I started this post, and when I finally finished it.

Here are seven random facts about me (ummmm...I'm not gonna include info about Annette here, coz you can guess who's going to be one of the 15 bloggers that I pass this award along to.) Anyway, here goes - and this is NOT info about designing...just some quirky facts about me:

1. I hate to be cold. Lol...many of you may know this because of my whining about the snow posts on facebook and in the forums lately! To make matters worse...the little space heater that sits next to me at my comp, and keeps me toasty warm quit working last Friday...seriously annoying.

2. Speaking of really bugs me to death when people are too lazy to return shopping carts to the shopping cart corralls...or whatever they're called. Honestly people...just take a few steps and a few seconds and do us all a favor (ok...I'm done ranting now!)

3. I used to sew dresses for weddings (not the bridal gowns...just bridesmaids dresses). I'll bet none of you knew that! I can't say that I miss those days...darn people would bring patterns for that were 4 sizes too small! I had a lot of fun sewing for my girls when they were little too *snicker* They have lots of pics in matching dresses thanks to my love of sewing!

4. I LOVE to play table tennis/ping pong and finally got my own table for Christmas this past year! I'm no professional...but Annette and I have been known to get into a good game when there's a table around (btw...she lives about two hours from me, so I haven't dazzled her with my skills lately!). Lol..we found a table in a house that we were doing a photo shoot at for work one time, and played a game or two. Hehe..I wonder if the owners of the house knew we did that? We also played in a ping pong tournament on a cruise we were on for work...lots of fun (although I didn't surprise there!)

5. I love to experiment with new latest favorite is Thai food. Who would have known that Rama Thai Chicken was so easy to make...and sooooo yummy! Two words...coconut milk!

6. I have two unique talents that I shock and amaze people with. I can wiggle my ears...seriously, like I can cause a breeze with the movement. I'm still trying to see if I've passed this amazing skill on to any of my luck yet. And...I can squirt a stream of water through a little tiny space between my two front accurately that I could hit you right in the eye if you were within 5 feet of me. Lol....and don't worry, it's just water that I squirt, although I know it comes in contact with the saliva in my mouth. Just don't think about's amazing if you don't think about the spit factor!

7. And my final fact will come as no surprise to those of you who know me. For some reason, my body just doesn't think it needs 8 hours of sleep a night. I function great if I get 5-5 1/2 hours. I'm trying to do better in that department, so that I don't look like I'm 80 when I turn 50 soon...but man, when I wake up, I'm wide awake! I used to be able to function on 4 hours of sleep for like three months when I was getting ready for a craft fair (back in my tole painting days)...but, the older I get, I notice that it doesn't work quite as well as it used to.

Ok...there are the seven random facts about me. Maybe one of my "facts" should have been that I like to write, and tend to get a little wordy *grin* I'll bet you're sitting there thinking that there went five minutes of your life that you'll never get back *snicker* Sorry about that!

Now, for the hardest part. I need to pass this award along to FIFTEEN other bloggers.

Here ya go....happy surfing!

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Pheeeewwww...getting an award is a lot of work....but I'm done. Have fun checking out these blogs...fantastic stuff!


G.T. said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Definitely worthy of being an Award Winner!!
Love all 7 bits of info - gave me a good giggle to start the day here.
Looking forward to Annette's now ????

Annette Ward said...

Ok . . . I'm going to post my list of "random things about me" here. And Fayette, No; I'm not gonna strangle you. And hey, that can be my first thing:

1. I design custom wedding invitations and other announcements. Some of you probably already knew that about me. It's a fun business and I love doing it. Anything creating is fun to me!

2. I don't like fruit! Yup; you heard right. I'm sure everyone is shocked and probably saying, "WHAT?" I thought everyone liked fruit. But it's true; I don't. I will eat a banana every once in a while and I like watermelon in the summer but that's about all.

3. I love playing tennis . . .(and table tennis too). Hey Fayette, we need to play again. I'm always up for a ping pong challenge!

4. I like reading books that are true or historical. I only read when I'm on vacation though. (Too busy designing). We just returned from a trip and I read "Left to Tell by Immaculee Ilibagiza. Great book about the Rwandan Holocaust. She is amazing and inspiring!

5. I'm a bargain shopper and love to find deals!

6. I love staying up late . . . mostly designing but I have a hard time sleeping if it's before midnight. Thank goodness Fayette and I keep the same schedule. We've been known to email each other late into the night.

7. I have a bowl of ice cream every night before I go to bed. And not a fruity ice cream. I like triple fudge chocolate and stuff like that! Ymmm. In fact I'm having a bowl right now!

So that's some tid bits about me! Have a fun weekend everyone . . . whatever it is you enjoy doing!