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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 11 FrEeBiE!'d better be grabbing this one. Today's Freebie is a Friends Forever "Click" Page! It's gonna save you lots of scrapping time :) I thought I'd give you a bit more notice so that you have time to download it! This one will be available for download until midnight tomorrow night.

And can use all of the fun designs that you've downloaded (and will still download) to build the right side to this click page :) can wait until I get it in the shopping cart in a couple of weeks :) Yeah, yeah...we have to keep you coming back to the website for something, ya know :)

Now...for those of you who missed parts of the freebies....never fear. You'll get another chance. Just because we're so nice, and we want you all to have a very, Merry Christmas, all 12 freebies will go back online tomorrow at midnight. You can download them for 24 hours...but at midnight on Christmas Eve...they're going to disappear and won't be seen again until they're in the shopping cart :)

So...if you missed any of the'd better grab them while you can. If you have friends who missed out, or friends who don't even know about the freebies yet...then spread the word and send them to the website to get the goodies :) And...btw....tsk tsk tsk for those of you who haven't told your scrapping buddies yet. What are you thinking?

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Shell said...

I am so glad you are redoing some cos I missed a couple. I have just d/l'd the freebies for now - but I will be coming back as a paying customer after Christmas - cos I know under the tree - there is some software I want :-)