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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last FrEeBiE for NoW!

I just activated the freebie for day 12...a cute bird and a scalloped tree--I guess that was my version of a partridge in a pear tree :)

This download will be available for 24 hours....and true to my promise from last night, I also activated the other 11 freebies so that anyone who may have missed out on any of them can snag them. I know it's a busy day for most everyone...but hey, see if you can find the time to get any freebies you may have missed. Let your friends know too....I'm feeling generous and want to give more of these kits away :) (don't ask me why...must be the Christmas spirit or something. It's finally hit me :)

We had a special visitor show up at our house on Sunday....that helped me get excited about Christmas (hey...I LOVE Christmas...don't get me wrong....I've just been really busy this year.) Anyway, right after dinner my middle daughter and I were in the kitchen cleaning up and my doorbell rang. I answered it...and there stood Santa (and I must say, he was one of the most authentic looking Santa's I've seen for a long time.) I got so excited, and may have overreacted a bit, coz little 2 year old grandson, Keegan screamed bloody murder and refused to talk to him (we're talking KICKING and SCREAMING was no tiny tantrum :) He finally calmed down after a bit and told Santa that he wants "Kung Fu Panda" for Christmas...then he turned around and continued to play in the water in the sink and acted like the jolly old elf wasn't there. *snicker* It really cracked me up. Unfortunately, I was busy trying to calm him down and talk him into talking to Santa, that we didn't get any photos. *sigh* Oh well...I have a great memory. I'll just do a page on "Santa Terror"...and put a picture of Keeg on it :)

Ok...get busy downloading those files. They'll be gone in less than 24 hours!


Cheri said...

I've shared this on my blog - - thanks for such a wonderful gift!

Ellis Family said...

Thank you for sharing this great gift! I've always loved your stuff and I'm excited about your new products!