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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It was good while it lasted . . .

If you were roasting in the sun two hours ago, and now you're out shoveling snow, you might be in Utah :P So much for our beautiful spring *sigh* My lawn is white again. The main photo is taken looking out my front door toward my dad's house (yes, I really do live in a little, tiny town!) You really can't see how HUGE the flakes were...just take my word for it. My lawn was covered in just a few minutes. (Can you hear me sobbing?)

They expect up to 18" in the mountains....and I'm driving to SLC tomorrow. Yuck...double Yuck. What's the weather like where you are? Maybe I can enjoy some more good weather vicariously through someone else :P
Fayette <------ hates the white stuff after February


Kelly Schelske said...

It's blowing like crazy here right now ans we are supposed to get snow again...Alberta in the this can go away though at any time and I would be just fine with it!! Hopefully it won't last too long!!

MaryRuth said...

Such a cute page! I love it!!!

It was perfect weather the whole time I was in Utah and then Monday when I getting ready to leave it started snowing... I felt bad that I was so gleeful to come back to the 75 degree weather here in Texas. Feel free to come visit :)

Shell said...

Sorry could you speak up Fayette... can't quite hear you over the noise of the squirting sunscreen *LOL*

ok I kid... but its been lovely here... t-shirts, capris and jandals..

actually thinking about it I have been wearing that all winter!

Annette said...

Shell . . . I'm way jealous! Sunscreen . . . ahhh, I can even smell it. I'd love to be able to use it right now. And, I wish I could wear sandals. I'm really SICK of the snow here. And it's suppose to be this way the entire week. *sigh* Oh well. That's Utah for ya!

wendys said...

It's about 35 by me in Wisconsin. It has been rainy. I think this weekend we should have more rain and snow mix. Not looking forward to that. At least it's not 18". Good luck with that. I do love the layout, though!

Fayette said...

Kelly, I'm with you. Winter can't go away soon enough for me!

MaryRuth...I'll be right over :P

Lol, Shell, you have such a knack for torturing me :P I'll have to return the favor someday ;) Enjoy the sunscreen, and send some of that sun my way!

WendyS -- I guess I shouldn't complain, huh? :) We didn't get 18" here at my home. Thank Goodness!

Ok, I'd better go dig out my parka and snowboots...the wind is howling, and I don't think the spring outfit I was going to wear today is gonna work :P

Earlene in MO said...

I know exactly what you mean about being ready for all the snow to be gone and for warm weather to come. Our yard is really greening up here in North Central Mo and the tulips, jonquils are up, and the magnolia tree and forsythia bush are full of blooms. Sure would hate to get the snow they said me might get to cover that all up.

WE have sunshine here and around 60 degrees. Like you I long for warm days, summery clothes and to put away those coats, gloves, boots for a while. Seems like we have worn them much too long. Turn off the heat and air out the house. Ahhhhhhh Spring:)

Joyce Williams said...

Fayette I spoke to soon about it being SPRING what the heck is going on. I called you on my way to a TOP's Meeting in Preston and the roads were clear and within 45 min I had 2" of snow on my car. I couldn't believe it. Hope this doesn't last for long. I am going to ;o( if we miss out on Spring, my favorite time of year. By the way did I tell you I love your sping sign. At least that cheers us up.