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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We want to Announc-Ette NOW! We've just added some new Dig-Ette-al Cards to our shop.

If you ever need to make an invitation, any occasion card or an announcement, then these will be perfect for you! There are six different invitation styles to choose from with 30 sentiments included. And whenever I make an invitation, I like to add a bit of sparkle or bling as shown in the sample picture. (You probably can't tell but I've added a gem in the flower centers and some Diamond Glaze on the daisy flower center and leaves). However, if you're doing an invitation for the guys in your life you may want to leave the sparkle off. Ha! We've also added some new tags that make giving a gift so much easier. Included with the tags are some separate flowers and sentiments. Once your tags are completed, you can spray them with spray glitter giving it a little sparkle too. And you can add a gem in the center of the flowers if you want. Of course, they all still look cute without the sparkle added! Just making the suggestions for those who like to "step it up" a bit. Btw, you can even use the tags as journaling blocks on your scrapbooking layouts.

We've also added some Card Templ-Ettes that you'll love when you need to make an announcement or holiday card etc. There are 8 different styles to choose from and they come as layered psd files. Simply add your photo, paper designs, embellishments and your text and you have a darling card in no time! The possibilities are endless with what you can create with the Dig-Ette-al Cards!

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mommycall said...

I LOVE the new card templates...hmmm maybe I will need to use one for my Easter cards.