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Thursday, November 5, 2009

HAPPY DSD, A Sale & Freebies!

We've been awfully busy the past few weeks...and now is your chance to benefit from all of our work! We have FIVE new kits in the shop this week: Child of My Child, Chore Chart, Create-a-Calendar, Good Life and Sweet n' Sassy! *gasp-taking a breath here* I're wondering how in the world we get it all done! Lol...ask our families! Anyway, you'll save 20% on all of our new products, so stock up now! Here's a peek at the kits!

Now is the perfect time to get some of your Christmas "to do list" taken care of. You KNOW how much your family loves personalized calendars...well, we're making it SUPER EASY on you this year. Use our beautiful Create-a-Calendar Kit to make one calendar...and then print it for everyone on your Christmas list. Hey...I'd love it if you did one for me!

We have several new sets of "Click" Pages in the shop this weekend. I's probably bad to say this because I designed this set...but I fell TOTALLY IN LOVE with the Child of My Child Collection, and I just couldn't stop making layouts! My insanity is your gain! There are THREE sets of "Click" Pages available using Child of My Child...Baby Boy, Baby Girl and a Grandma/General set...and since we're SO GENEROUS, we're giving you a GREAT deal. If you buy all three sets, you'll save big! In fact, if you buy the Combo Pack during the sale this weekend, it's like getting one complete set for FREE! *man...I must really be insane!*

We also have a set of "Click" Pages using the "Good Life" Collection. I just LOVE the colors in this set....they're so easy to use. You don't have to tell anyone that I did all of the work for you!
And yes, I'm blatantly flaunting my cute grandkids in a couple of these sample layouts...they take after their grandma, don't they? :) (The cute little guy in the "people I love" layout is my nephew's I'll take credit for him too :)

On top of all of the new releases in our shop...we're still doing our Guest Design Spot at Scrap Orchard! No....we don't ever sleep!

Pheewwww...I think that's it! I told you it was a lot of information! Oh last thing,

Our AMAAAAAAAAAZING Creative Team has been really busy creating gorgeous stuff to inspire you. Head over to the Creative Team Gallery to check out their latest creations!

Don't forget to stop by our shop and here on the blog on Saturday. We have some GREAT freebies for you. They'll be posted throughout the day, so check back often so you don't miss any of them!'re excused, as long as you're heading right over to our shop!

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MaryRuth said...

Hooray for DSD!!! Posted pages and the sale information on my blog...

Loooove all the new stuff! Great job guys!