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Saturday, November 14, 2009


We've set November 30 as the final date to be able to cash in on the savings on the designs that we're RETIRING. Be sure to visit our shop and check out these great deals!

Have you been to our Galleries lately? There are some BEAUTIFUL Layouts there that will inspire your creativity. Check these out!

This adorable layout by lbrtychic is just too sweet. Be sure to read the journaling...what a great memory to cherish

Angelrat shares this great layout about her son....oh man, if only we could see what was going on in their minds :)

We'd love to get the gallery moving a bit let us see what you're doing with our designs. We KNOW that you're still creating...and yes, we know that it takes some time to save and upload to the gallery. But hey....we might be able to make it worth your while. We DO have a birthday celebration coming up next month. Believe WANT to share your talents with us.
I'm just saying . . . :)

1 comment:

Liberty said...

Thanks for the post. I was so excited to see my layout on here!!!!

I can't wait to make more stuff for the gallery...